HENK - Superb Berlin Podcast Vol.1

Superb Berlin Podcast Serie
Vol. 1 (exclusive) *** H E N K

Biography - HENK

Just a normal guy started djaing and producing, to explore the wide range of techno music, in late 2000.

In 2010 he and his good friend realized their idea of a new event called "I AM YOU". Like the name says, they trying to put as much effort as possible in to creating a special party for special people, who like to celebrate a good taste in music and always well selected DJ's. Always with the maxim of "We are not better than you are, so let's enjoy together." It's also important to them to invite either famous and new talented DJ's.

During this time he was working on different kinds of projects, for example look-alike or K&S and published some funky releases on Clap Your Hands, Circle Music, Love Hertz, Galvanic and Bondage Music.

Because changes are always good for you and your soul, and also for your development, it's time for him to go on and try something new.

I like to introduce to you, HENK.

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DJ Set

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