V.A. - Adventure Island EP / SPRB004

Upcoming Release
cat#: SPRB004
format: Vinyl only 12“
genre: House, Techno, Garage
released: 26 June 2013

SUPERB recordings has proudly completed the complex task of combining four unknown artists to present the fourth release. Our hearts are racing with excitement as we boldly showcase four hot tracks from these sizzling talents.
The SUPERB recordings philosophy always means a quality vinyl only pressing and the mastering has once again been magically touched by “the don” CGB from Dubplates & Mastering Berlin.
What goes around, comes around, and here is your invitation to embark on a journey. Listen & Explore. Listen & Understand. Come to Adventure Island and get down in the wildlife. It could be anywhere, maybe even Berlin. This Island is created by our four Artists. Each creating part of this delicious sonic fantasy.

MIXTHOVEN from Danemark, a young prodigy that got bored his guitar roots and created MIXTHOVEN where he shapes and forms his unique sound of deep Electronica.

The Stellar JOHANNA RÖRBY from Stockholm/Sweden, the first lady of SUPERB recordings. She has contributed a beautifully subtle track providing an extra-ordinary musical playgroud for your ears.

The Italian natives ANALOUGE SENSATIONS MODELLING (A.S.M.) are Fernando Poo and Turntable/Techno Legend Francesco Zappala. Together share a lifetime, in years of experience in the DJ and electronic underground music scene. They provide grooves that will leave you burning like the embers of a chalwa.

Last but not least, MARTIN LEWIS, Nowkölln Berlin resident honours us with the first SUPERB recordings release. He’s down with Obi-Wan Kenobi to get you jedi focused with this anthem.

All four tracks are mastered by CGB from Dubplates & Mastering Berlin. Limited to 333 copies in black, plus 100 limited advance copies in multi-coloured marbled vinyl including a print designed by Tessa De Ceuninck. “Adventure Island EP” will be available in selected record stores worldwide in End of June 2013.

SUPERB recordings – are specialists in newcomer artists // underdogs & cats. Listen & understand!

A1: MIXTHOVEN – Circuitry 6:20
(Dive deep into the wonderful underwater world, crystal clear sounds & computer assisted bass)

A2: JOHANNA RÖRBY – Warten 6:54
(Stranded on a lucious beach, follow the paths and enter a secret passage way, to a lush mysterious oriental market. )

B1: A.S.M. - Enjoy the noise 8:44
(feat. Timothy Leary & Mayte Cruz & Fabio. Picked up from the Mad Max Jeeps Posse, we rave deep trough a techno jungle. Count the acid bubbles and enjoy the noise!)

B2: MARTIN LEWIS – City Lights 5:11
(Mother nature invites you to do the cyber hippy dance. There is nothing better then a lovely garage with a twist to provide the mood for it.)

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