Abayomi - Build EP / SPRB006


SUPERB recordings returns to the arena with 2 slices of dark, smoky Techno courtesy of a Berlin based producer by the name of ABAYOMI. This London born artist, DJ and promoter has been on our radar for a while now and we are delighted to present the Build EP. Abayomi has a deeply rooted past in electronic music and a vision of music firmly fixed on the future. The concept behind “Build” was presented clearly in his own words:

“ Techno music for me has a very deep, ancient past reflected in drums and sequencing. “Build” represents a struggle with the darkness of the past and present, battling the unknown to create with form and substance. Gazing into the future “Surface” is about discovery. As if gliding over the vast expanse of a distant planet. The tension, awe and sheer power of Surface transport the listener light years away to make first contact with the unknown.”

These driving, bass heavy, DJ friendly tracks make a must have for vinyl DJ’s and connoisseurs of Techno. Upon deeper listening the subtle atmospheres of eeire dimensions, open up even more levels of aural interaction, adding undercurrents of tension and mystery to these sonic tales.

Both tracks are mastered by CGB from Dubplates & Mastering Berlin. Limited to 150 copies in black, plus 150 limited advance copies in yellow marbled vinyl including a print designed by Tessa De Ceuninck.

“Build EP” will be available in selected record stores worldwide in Dec. 2014.

SUPERB recordings – are specialists in vinyl music from the soul and into the future.

Listen & Build . . .

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