Reformed Society - MDMA EP - SPRB008

Dub-Techno / Deep House

SUPERB recordings presents the brand new EP „MDMA“ by London based producer & DJ by the name of „Reformed Society“.

The next best thing to music that Harsh has a passion for is movies, especially dark, abstract and raw productions from the likes of Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Gaspar Noé and similar. MDMA in particular is a deep, dark and slightly dubby techno workout inspired from the club scenes in Gasper Noe’s trippy endeavour “Enter the Void”.

Times Have Totally Changed features a raw chugging groove with deep delayed chords and a speech sample of Matt Edwards (Radio Slave) talking about how most music these days is so throw away. Being an avid music collector, Harsh is inspired by music of all genres; Liquid Space is a house track inspired by Jungle featuring a Reese style sub bass along with deep drones and synth stabs that gives it a nice spacey feel, hence the title of the track.

Harsh definitely has an affinity for drones and this can be heard on all 3 productions. There’s something about drones that is so hypnotic whether it’s played on its own or like on here in combination with raw techno and house. Hope you can feel it too!

The tracks are mastered by CGB from Dubplates & Mastering Berlin. Limited to 200 copies in black, plus 100 limited advanced copies in white marbled vinyl including a print designed by Tessa De Ceuninck.

Listen & Unite !

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