Robert Heel - The Moon - SSL#004

Soundtrack, Radiodrama, Electronic Music

"The Moon" is a narrative journey and a vivid soundtrack. It is radio drama – as well as electronic track.

The music is arranged around original radio messages from the Apollo 8 mission. Apollo 8 was the first manned spacecraft to leave Earth orbit, reach the Earth's Moon, orbit it and return safely to Earth.

The skillful montage of this original contemporary documents forms an intense arc of suspense. With original music by Robert Heel the recording takes the listener on a thrilling voyage. Narrative storytelling and electronic music form a strong entity in this recording. A soundtrack to a movie never made, a modern version of a classical radio play with contemporary electronic music.

All tracks written and produced by Robert Heel.
Original radio messages by NASA from the Apollo 8 mission.

The cassette tape edition includes:

- A high bias ferro cassette tape
- Hand printed, hand stamped and hand numbered
- Booklet with liner notes
- One Apollo 8 mission badge sticker
- Packaged in a metalic silver zip lock bag, inspired by the space food packaging on the International Space Station

Limited to 33 copies, further 7 handsigned copies were given to friends. Running time Side A / Side B in total: 29:25 min

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